Pterygota alata (Roxb.) R. Brown - STERCULIACEAE

Synonym : Sterculia alata Roxb.

Vernacular names : Tamil: AnathondiMalayalam: Anathondi, Kavalam, Kodathanni, Pothondi, Poola

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Botanical descriptions :

Habit : Large deciduous trees, buttressed, up to 30 m tall.
Trunk\bark : Bark grey, longitudinally arranged lenticels; blaze yellowish cream.
Branchlets : Young branchlets stout, terete, dense golden-brown stellate pubescent, later glabrous.
Leaves : Leaves simple, alternate, spiral, clutered at twig ends; stipules lateral, caducous and leaving scar; petiole 5-10 cm long, terete, swollen at apex, glabrous; lamina 10-20 (-30) x 7.6-14 (-20) cm, broadly ovate or oblong-ovate, apex acute or slightly acuminate, base cordate or subtruncate, margin entire or slightly undulate, thinly coriaceous, glabrous; midrib raised above; 5-nerved at base; secondary_nerves 3-4 pairs ascending, raised above; tertiary_nerves distantly reticulo-percurrent.
Flowers : Inflorescence short axillary panicle, on old wood, rusty brown tomentose; flowers polygamous.
Fruit& seed : Follicles of 3-5, to 12.5 x 9 cm, globose or ovoid, woody; seeds ca. 30, winged.

Ecology :

Emergent to canopy trees in disturbed evergreen forests up to 700 m.

Distribution :

South Asia and Myanmar; in the Western_Ghats - South and Central Sahyadris.

Literature :

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