Erythrina subumbrans (Hassk.) Merr. - PAPILIONACEAE

Basionym : Hypaphorus subumbrans Hassk.

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Botanical descriptions :

Diagnostic characters : Deciduous trees trunk and branches with spines. Leaves trifoliolate, 3-primary basal veins. Flowers large, pea-shaped, bright scarlet. Fruits a flat pod.
Habit : Deciduous tree up to 35 m tall.
Trunk & bark : Bole straight. Bark grey or grey-green, smooth, soft, often with spine on twigs and trunk.
Branches and branchlets or twigs : Twigs terete, glabrous.
Exudates : Exudate absent.
Leaves : Leaves compound, trifoliate, alternate and spiral, leaflets broadly ovate, apex acute, base rounded, margin entire. 3-primary basal veins, secondary and tertiary veins oblique.
Stipules falling off early.
Inflorescences or flowers : Flowers arranged in a many-flowered inflorescence, terminal, bisexual, pedicels longer than 0.5 cm.
Fruits : Fruit up to 10 cm long, flat, splitting in 2 sections.
Seeds : Seed(s) 1-3.

Habitat and ecology :

Common in disturbed deciduous forest.

Distribution :

Burma (Myanmar), India, Indochina, Malesia, Melanesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos (Khammouan).

Remark/notes/uses :
Ornamental tree.

Specimens studied :
BT 923 (Herbarium of Faculty of Sciences-NUoL, NHN-Leiden and CIRAD-Montpellier).

Literature :
Gardner S., Sidisunthorn P. & Anusarnsunthorn V. 2000. A field guide to Forest Trees of Northern Thailand. Kobfai Publishing Project. Bangkok. Thailand.

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