Gomphandra coriacea Wt. - ICACINACEAE

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Botanical descriptions :

Habit : Trees up to 10 m tall.
Branches and Branchlets : Branchlets terete, glabrous.
Leaves : Leaves simple, alternate, distichous; petiole 0.6-1.4 cm long, canaliculate above, glabrous; lamina 5-11 x 2-4 cm variable in shape, elliptic to obovate, apex bluntly acuminate to obtuse, base acute to cuneate, margin entire or sometimes slightly revolute, coriaceous, glabrous, dull green when dry; midrib canaliculate above; secondary_nerves ca. 4; tertiary_nerves obscure.
Inflorescence / Flower : Flowers polygamodioecious, in short axillary or leaf opposed cymes, white.
Fruit and Seed : Drupe, cylindrical ellipsoid, to 1-1.5 cm; seed 1.

Ecology :

Common canopy trees in high elevation evergreen forests (1400-2200 m) and occasional understorey trees in medium elevation evergreen forests (900-1400 m).

Distribution :

Western_Ghats and Sri Lanka; in the Western_Ghats- South and Central Sahyadris.

Literatures :

Wight, Ic. III. 1. 103. 1840; Gamble, Fl. Madras 1: 195. 1997 (re. ed); Sasidharan, Biodiversity documentation for Kerala- Flowering Plants, part 6: 93. 2004; Saldanha, Fl. Karnataka 2: 104. 1996.

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