Lasianthus jackianus Wt. - RUBIACEAE


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Botanical descriptions :

Habit : Large shrubs or small trees up to 5 m tall.
Trunk\bark : Bark brown, smooth.
Branchlets : Branches horizontal; branchlets subterete to compressed, hirsute.
Leaves : Leaves simple, opposite, decussate; stipule triangular, interpetiolar, caducous and leaving scar; petiole 0.2-0.5 cm long, planoconvex in cross section, hirsute; lamina 5.5-17 x 2-4 cm, narrow elliptic to oblong or oblanceolate, apex sharply caudate-acuminate, base acute to rounded, margin entire and ciliate, hirsute beneath; midrib canaliculate above; secondary_nerves 7-8 pairs; tertiary_nerves horizontally closely percurrent.
Flowers : Inflorescence cymes, axillary; flowers sessile, white.
Fruit& seed : Drupe, globose, surmounted with persistent calyx lobes; seeds 4.

Ecology :

Understorey trees in medium elevation wet evergreen forests between 700 and 1600 m.

Distribution :

Endemic to southern Western_Ghats- South Sahyadri and Palakkad hills and Wayanad in Central Sahyadri.

status :

Rare (Nayar, 1997).

Literature :

Cal. J. Nat. Hist. 6: 512. 1846; Gamble, Fl. Madras 2: 646. 1993 (re. ed); Sasidharan, Biodiversity documentation for Kerala- Flowering Plants, part 6: 221. 2004.

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