Nageia wallichiana (C. Presl) Kuntze - PODOCARPACEAE

Vernacular names : Malayalam: Nirambali

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Botanical descriptions Ecology Distribution Status:

Botanical descriptions :

Habit : Gymnospermous trees up to 30 m tall.
Trunk & Bark : Bark brownish, irregularly peeled; blaze pinkish.
Leaves : Phyllode opposite or subopposite, decussate, subsessile, glabrous, 10-15 x 3-5 cm, narrow elliptic, elliptic-lanceolate, apex narrowly acute, base attenuate, margin entire, nerve many, parallel.
Inflorescence / Flower : Spornagial structures, cone shaped; pollen cones axillary, solitary; seed bearing structures terminal, solitary; stalk ca. 1 cm long.
Fruit and Seed : Seed green, drupe-like, ovoid, seated on fleshy receptacle.

Ecology :

Canopy trees in medium elevation evergreen forests between 1000 and 1400 m.

Distribution :

Indomalaysia; in the Western_Ghats- South Sahyadri.

Status: :

The only gymnospermous trees in the Western_Ghats.

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