Markhamia stipulata (Wall.) Seem. ex K. Schum. - BIGNONIACEAE

Basionym : Spathodea stipulata Wall.

Synonym : Dolichandrone stipulata (Wall.) Clarke

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Botanical descriptions Habitat and ecology Distribution

Botanical descriptions :

Diagnostic characters : Usually deciduous trees with fissured bark, twigs hairy. Leaves opposite, lowest pairs of leaflets resembling stipules. Flowers bisexual, corolla dirty yellow with large wart-like glands outside. Fruit a long pod-like capsule, dirty wooly hairy. Seeds winged.
Habit : Deciduous or rarely evergreen tree up to 25 m tall.
Trunk & bark : Bole straight, bark creamy brown, slightly fissured.
Branches and branchlets or twigs : Twigs terete, hairy.
Exudates : Exudate absent.
Leaves : Leaves compound, opposite, imparipinnate, leaflets elliptic to narrowly ovate, apex acute, base rounded, margin toothed, with scattered sunken glands near base, lowest pairs of leaflets resembling stipules.
Primary vein single, secondary veins oblique, tertiary veins reticulate.
Inflorescences or flowers : Flowers dirty yellow, arranged in a many-flowered inflorescence, terminal, bisexual, pedicels longer than 0.5 cm, corolla with many large (2--3 mm) wart-like glands outside.
Fruits : Fruit a long pod-like capsule, 45 to 70 cm long, splitting lengthwise into 2 sections.
Seeds : Seeds many, with 2 wings.

Habitat and ecology :

In deciduous as well as evergreen forest up to 1600 m altitude.

Distribution :

Burma (Myanmar), India (Andamans), Thailand, Laos (Khammouan).

Remark/notes/uses :
Timber used for furniture and permanent constructions as termite resistent.Young shoots are eaten and flowers used as a fresh vegetable.

Specimens studied :
BT 925, LAO 171, LAO 187 (Herbarium of Faculty of Sciences-NUoL, NHN-Leiden and CIRAD-Montpellier)..

Literature :
Hoang Van Sam, Khamseng Nanthavong & P.J.A. Keßler. 2004. Trees of Laos and Vietnam. Blumea 49: 201--349.

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