First Workshop

The Launching workshop of the project was held between 28th and 30th March 2005 at the Faculty of Science, National University of Laos. Our partner institution in Vientiane, Laos, 3 researchers from CIRAD-France, 2 from NHN-Netherland, 3 from IFP-India, attended the workshop. Status of the plants diversity study in Lao PDR particularly in Namtheun Area and of the plants diversity study carried out for many years in Western Ghats mountains of India were discussed.

A broad plan of action to implement the project was discussed upon. The division of responsibilities for the coordination of action in Lao PDR and India was discussed. It was decided that NHN, The Netherlands will coordinate all the botanical activities in Laos with NUoL. IFP and CIRAD will coordinate the botanical activities in India and draw up the application architecture based on the progress of the action.

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