Second Workshop

The second workshop of the project was held for three days at French Institute of Pondicherry between 23rd January and 25th January 2006 essentially to finalize the character states to be used in the IDENTIKIT. Dr. N. Ayyappan, IFP proposed 279 possible character states for the tree species of Western Ghats and Laos Regions. All these character states were reviewed carefully by the participants and it was agreed to keep 226 character states from 56 characters. Dr. B. R. Ramesh, IFP presented the existing species character states data matrix for 325 species with 183 character states. Following the workshop a mission was conducted to forests of Valparai, Akkamalai and Sholayar. Totally 46 species were documented during the mission.


  1. Dr. Pierre Grard, CIRAD
  2. Dr. Juliana Prosperi, CIRAD
  3. Dr. Paul Kessler, NHN
  4. Dr. Ramesh B.R., IFP
  5. Dr. Ayyappan, N., IFP
  6. Mr. D. Balasubramanian, IFP

Biotik Workshop at IFP
Biotik Workshop at IFP
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