Final Workshop

The final workshop of the project was held in Leiden, The Netherlands between 19th November and 23rd November, 2007.

The final workshop and dissemination of the application for the Annamite range was held at NHN at Leiden in November 2007. Identifications of some specimens collected in the Western Ghats were verified at NHN herbarium. Two specimens were found to be new to plant science and they will be published in a suitable journal shortly.

The project staff present made a detailed review of the application. The identikit was agreed to be representing the needs of the identification process. The species description pages with hypertext marked glossary. The list of glossary with their definitions was finalized. The translation of species description pages in local languages (Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil for Western Ghats, Lao for Annamites) was to be followed up in consideration with the technical terminologies and Unicode platform for the respective languages.

An application demonstration of Biotik was held on 23rd November for the Leiden University staff, students and invited scientists at Hortus Botanicus, Leiden.


  1. Dr. Claude Edelin, CIRAD
  2. Dr. Juliana Prosperi, CIRAD
  3. Dr. Paul Kessler, NHN
  4. Dr. Collin Ridsdale, NHN
  5. Dr. Ramesh B.R., IFP
  6. Dr. Ayyappan, N., IFP

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