Dillenia pentagyna Roxb. - DILLENIACEAE

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Botanical descriptions :

Habit : Tall deciduous trees, up to 15 m tall.
Trunk & Bark : Bark greyish white, peeling off in to flakes.
Leaves : Leaves simple, alternate, spiral, clustered at twig ends; petiole canaliculate, sheathing at base and leaving annular scar when fall; lamina to 60 x 20 cm, broadly obovate; apex acute or slightly acuminate, base cuneate, margin denticulate with villous teeth, pubescent on midrib and nerves beneath; midrib canaliculate above; secondary_nerves many parallel, ending in to the teeth; tertiary_nerves, percurrent.
Inflorescence / Flower : Flowers yellow, fascicled on old leafless branches.
Fruit and Seed : Globose indehiscent carpels, fleshy, enveloping with thickened fleshy sepals; seeds 1 or 2 per carpel.

Ecology :

Along the margin of evergreen to semi-evergreen forests, up to 1400 m.

Distribution :

China to Indomalaysia; in the Western_Ghats- throughout.

Literatures :

Roxbourgh, Pl. Cor. 20. 1795; Gamble, Fl. Madras 1: 8. 1997 (re. ed); Sasidharan, Biodiversity documentation for Kerala- Flowering Plants, part 6: 14. 2004; Saldanha, Fl. Karnataka 1: 186. 1996.

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