Garcinia indica (Thouars) Choisy - CLUSIACEAE

Synonym : Brindonia indicaThouars

Vernacular names : Tamil: Murgal.  Malayalam: Kokumbrindeo, Punampuli.  Kannada: Dhupada mara, Koka mara, Murgala, Murgina huli, Tittidika.  English: Brindonia tallow tree, Indian gamboge, Kokam butter.

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Botanical descriptions :

Habit : Small trees, up to 10 m tall.
Trunk & Bark : Bark light brown, smooth, fissured when old; blaze reddish.
Branches and Branchlets : Branches horizontal; branchlets opposite, subangular, glabrous.
Exudates : Latex yellowish, profuse.
Leaves : Leaves simple, opposite, decussate; petiole 0.7-1.5 cm long, planoconvex, glabrous, slightly sheathing at base; lamina 6-12 x 1.5-4.3 cm, narrow-elliptic to narrow-obovate, apex obtuse or acute to slightly acuminate, base acute to attenuate, margin slightly repand, chartaceous to subcoriaceous, glabrous; secondary_nerves 4-7 pairs, with many intersecondary_nerves; tertiary_nerves obscure.
Inflorescence / Flower : Flowers polygamodioecious, male flowers in axillary and terminal clusters; female flowers solitary, terminal or axillary.
Fruit and Seed : Berry globose, smooth; many seeded.

Ecology :

Understorey tree in disturbed evergreen forests to semi-evergreen forests, up to 700 m.

Distribution :

Endemic to the Western_Ghats- frequent in northern part of Central Sahyadri and extends up to South Konkan Coast.

Literatures :

Candolle, Prodr. 1: 561. 1824; Gamble, Fl. Madras 1: 73. 1997 (re. ed); Sasidharan, Biodiversity documentation for Kerala- Flowering Plants, part 6: 41. 2004; Saldanha, Fl. Karnataka 1: 206. 1996; Cook, Fl. Bombay 1: 73. 1902.

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